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Stephen Jordan

International Ski instructors

Our main ski coach is Stephen Jordan who will accompany you on your holiday, plan and deliver your training programme and look after any needs you may have. Stephen has been a qualified Ski Instructor since 1990 and has provided over 27 years of ski teaching at all levels! Stephen is also a holder of the Interski – Internationaler Verband Der Ski-Instruktoren Licence (IVSI) or, in English, International Federation of Snowsport Instructors. This is the highest level of development coaching award and is recognised worldwide.

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Stephen also holds a Ski Instructor licence with the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, a Diploma of Sports Coaching, Race Trainer, BASI Adaptive Instructor level 2 for Disabled Skiers and is a Instructor Tutor for UK Snow Sports. Stephen has spent the past 20 years working with skiers who wish to get the most they can from the sport. This entails providing a programme of coaching working on the key elements needed for a skilful performance. Many skiers work on a regular basis with Stephen both in the UK on indoor snow and in the Alps! Our courses are based upon your needs and wishes. That may mean to ski skilfully and fast on wide open pistes; tackle steep terrain; conquer those ubiquitous moguls and perhaps get into the fresh fluffy snow! It may mean being able to ski all day and feel exhilarated at the end of the day knowing you have accomplished something you were never able to achieve before!We base our courses on a maximum of 8 skiers. We have additional coaches similarly qualified to ensure we can run a number of holidays throughout the season.
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