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Ski Bindings – DIN Calculator


 Head / Tyrolia Bindings (Can be used as a guide for all makes of Ski Bindings)

Skier Weight:
Skier Height:
Skier Age:
Skier Type:
Boot Size/Sole Length:
Skier Type:
Type 1: Cautious Skiers and Beginners Type 2: Intermediate SkiersType 3: Fast aggressive skiers. Type 3+ – For skiers who desire visual indicator settings higher than settings for a Type 3 skier.Type -1 (neg. 1) – For skiers who desire visual indicator settings lower than settings for a Type 1 skier.

DISCLAIMER: The detail provided is for information and guidance only. Always have your bindings checked and adjusted by a trained ski technician. What is DIN? DIN is a German standard for the release settings on your ski bindings. The setting is determined by a combination of skier height, weight, boot sole length, and skiing ability.

Adjusting the DIN setting either compresses or decompresses a spring in the binding. That compression determines just how much force is required for the bindings to move and release the boot. Higher settings require more force, lower settings require less.